Regarding Funding for Public Transportation

A2004-04: Regarding Funding for Public Transportation

Adopted In : 2004

Topics : Transportation

WHEREAS, public transportation is a primary means of independent travel throughout our nation by blind people; and

WHEREAS, recent cuts in Greyhound bus service have affected the ability of blind people to travel to certain destinations within our state and elsewhere, even though some of the gaps have been filled on a temporary basis by other private providers; and

Whereas, there are currently a number of proposals for expanding light-rail and commuter rail service and providing additional bus-based transit options in Minnesota; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota in convention assembled this   twenty-fourth day of October, 2004, in the city of St. Cloud, Minnesota that this organization reaffirm its vigorous support for proposals and policies providing  for increased funding of public transportation options.

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